Thursday 14 September 2023 - 02:22

Fears of a Regression in the Competence of “Israeli” Air Force Pilots

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Fears of a Regression in the Competence of “Israeli” Air Force Pilots
According to Channel 13, there are already a fair number of squadrons in which dozens of experienced pilots have not flown for 6 weeks, and this situation is expected to get worse.

“Israeli” Air Force pilots await what will happen after the “Supreme Court” hearing on the abolition of the “reasonableness” legislation. Thus, the “Israeli” army is beginning to realize that at the end of October, after the holiday period, they will have to carry out two exceptional actions:

• First: Counting the cabin crew members who will continue to volunteer

• Second: Appointing replacements for pilots who refused to join military service, after which they will have to reassess their position in terms of eligibility.

Currently, there is a growing fear of deteriorating conditions and entering into a large-scale, undeclared war against Hamas and Hezbollah. The “Israeli” army chief of staff, Herzi Halevi, has warned of this. According to the channel, Hamas and Hezbollah are ready to increase friction in the entity and risk confrontation. This matter was not on the table until a few months ago.