Saturday 16 September 2023 - 09:12

Ukrainians Widely Use Cluster Munitions on Battlefield: Putin

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Ukrainians Widely Use Cluster Munitions on Battlefield: Putin
Asked whether the Ukrainian side was now using cluster munitions on the battlefield, Putin replied: “They are being used, and in the widest possible way.”

“But I have already commented on this. I have nothing to add,” he said.

The cluster munitions issue, he believes, “reflects perfectly what is happening in the world as a whole.”

“What I mean is this: there is one country that thinks it is exceptional – the United States,” Putin explained. “Even what it considers to be a crime, it takes the liberty of doing itself. In fact, the US is using cluster munitions in this case, with the Ukrainians’ hands,” he pointed out.

Putin noted that Washington considered the use of such munitions as a crime, but at the same time “it feels free to do it, and this is the main problem of today’s international relations.”

He is certain that for this reason a vast majority of participants in international communication were working together with Russia for the creation of a multipolar world, because almost no one is satisfied with such a state of affairs.

“I say ‘almost’ because even those countries which are allies of the United States, I assure you, do not like this situation, either. They don’t like being treated as backstage extras,” Putin said.

“Yes, they [the US – TASS) use [cluster munitions], unfortunately. They themselves call it a crime and keep doing it,” Putin concluded.