Saturday 22 October 2011 - 07:38

Yemen: People want to liberate the South

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Yemen: People want to liberate the South
Islam Times: At the festival which was held in the city's main square, Habilain opened the celebrations by delivering several speeches, reading chapters of the holy Quran and reciting poetry to the crowd.

Habilain also introduced to the audience, Haidaruss Haksa, an activist who praised all those who had come, thanking them for their dedication and support, adding that the organizing committee had accomplished a fantastic job by managing to mobilize so many people on this historic day.

In Aden, a similar rally was being held. Protesters marched through the streets of Aden, going through Sheikh Othman Street and al-Mansoura neighborhood, finally gathering in Hashimi Square where speeches were rendered by political and religious figures: Zahra Saleh Abdullah, President of the Federation of the Southern Youth, Waddah Badawi, Dr Abdul Hamis Shukri, the spokesman for the Supreme National Council and Brigadier Nasser al Nuba.

Tens of thousands of protesters chanted secessionist slogans, brandishing the flag of South Yemen.

Similar scenes were repeated all across the southern Yemeni provinces, like in Shabwa and Abyan.