Sunday 17 September 2023 - 21:10

Iran to Never Retreat from Defending Resistance: FM

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Iran to Never Retreat from Defending Resistance: FM
Speaking in an interview with Lebanon's Al Vefagh news, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian referred to the quadrilateral talks between the foreign ministers of Iran, Syria, Russia, and Turkey in Moscow.

"We proposed the idea of ​​the Islamic Republic of Iran based on which Syria and Turkey agree on the withdrawal of Turkish military forces from Syria."

Saying that this issue belongs to the Syrian and Turkish sides, he added, "The second side of this equation is Turkey, which cares about the security of its borders with Syria and tries to ensure that its borders are not threatened by any of the groups."

He went on to say, "We follow neighborhood policies, and looking at Asia is our foreign policy priority, and we interact with East and West in the world based on national interests."

"Neither East nor West is the basis of our political independence, but Resistance is one of the important aspects of our foreign policy," he further noted.

"Today, when we talk about Resistance, we are actually talking about resistance against the greed, aggression, and crimes of the Zionist regime and resistance against the plans of terrorist groups in the region. Defending resistance means defending security, stability, and peace," he said.

Referring to his meeting with Resistance Leaders and Hezbollah chief Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, he added that they are in the best state in terms of spirit and power to respond to the Zionist enemy.

"Even if all Arab and Islamic countries are trying to normalize with this usurping and fake regime, the Islamic Republic of Iran never retreats from its policies in defending the Resistance with all its power," he said, adding that Resistance brings security to the region.

In response to a question about the details of the proposal of the Sultan of Oman regarding the JCPOA revival talks, he said, "The Sultan of Oman offered some ideas on how to bring all parties together to return to their commitments in the nuclear deal."

"We value the Sultan of Oman's ideas in the diplomatic meetings and if we achieve an agreement we will let you know about it."