Sunday 17 September 2023 - 21:13

US Nat'l Security Advisor Meets Chinese Top Diplomat in Malta

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The US national security adviser met with China’s foreign minister over the past two days on the Mediterranean island nation of Malta in an effort that the White House said Sunday was intended to responsibly maintain the relationship” at a time of strained ties and mutual suspicion between the rival powers.

The White House said in a statement that Jake Sullivan and Chinese envoy Wang Yi had candid, substantive and constructive discussions” as the world's two largest economies try to maintain open lines of communication. Sullivan and Wang last met in May in Vienna f or talks. The two officials spent about 12 hours together over two days in Malta.

Washington and Beijing see themselves as competitors despite an extensive trade partnership. The US President Joe Biden recently spoke with Chinese Premier Li Qiang while in India at the Group of 20 summit and told reporters afterward that they had talked about stability and it wasn’t confrontational at all.

US-China relations over the past year have been affected by hostile policies, controversies and accusations made by Washington against Beijing, including the controversy regarding a Chinese balloon over US airspace, the claim that the US Commerce Minister Gina Raimondo's e-mail was hacked by the Chinese government and imposing restrictions on the export of advanced computer chips to China.