Monday 18 September 2023 - 22:34

Blocked Assets to Be Fully Handed Over to Iran: Spokesman

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Blocked Assets to Be Fully Handed Over to Iran: Spokesman
Kanaani made the announcement during his press conference on Monday.

The process of implementing the agreement regarding the unblocking of Iran's assets in South Korea and the issue of prisoner exchange has progressed at an acceptable speed, the spokesman added.

The exchange of prisoners will be done today, he said, adding that five Iranian prisoners will be released from American prisons.

Two of the citizens will enter Iran based on their request and interest, and one of them will be transferred to a third country due to the presence of his family there, Kanaani underlined.

He also noted that five citizens imprisoned in Iran will also be freed.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the spokesman referred to the Tehran-Baghdad security agreement on the disarmament of armed groups on the Iraqi-Iranian border in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, adding that tomorrow is the deadline for the implementation of the Iran-Iraq security agreement.

The Iraqi government has seriously announced that it adheres to the implementation of the agreement and will fulfill its obligations in this regard, he noted.

He also expressed hope that based on the commitment of the Iraqi government and the emphasis made in the bilateral meetings, the Iraqi government will complete this process on time.