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Bibi Promotes to Normalization with KSA by Erasing Palestine from Map!

23 Sep 2023 11:17

Islam Times - “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented a new map erasing Palestine during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly’s [UNGA] 78th session on Friday.

Bibi’s illustration showed a “new Middle East” wherein the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip appeared to be part of the “Israeli” entity.

An earlier erroneous map shown by Netanyahu also included the Palestinian territories as part of “Israel” in 1948.

Earlier this year, Netanyahu’s finance minister, Bezalel Smotrich, spoke from a podium adorned with a map that also included Palestine, Lebanon and Syria as part of the so-called “Greater Israel”. In the same event, he said there was “no such thing as Palestinians”.

During the presentation of the map on Friday, Netanyahu enthusiastically promoted the reshaping of the region based on normalizing ties with Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia.

“I believe we're on the cusp of a more dramatic breakthrough: a historic ‘peace’ between ‘Israel’ and Saudi Arabia,” he claimed.

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