Sunday 24 September 2023 - 09:06

Demonstrators Rally Across Occupied Palestinian Territories Against Israeli Policies

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Demonstrators Rally Across Occupied Palestinian Territories Against Israeli Policies
The protests, which occurred in approximately 150 locations, saw Tel Aviv as the epicenter, with participants criticizing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government, particularly his controversial judicial overhaul scheme.

Protesters in Tel Aviv wore shirts bearing the message "Save us from Netanyahu" and held signs reading "Crime Minister." Their sentiments were clear, with one protester stating, "The world should know that whatever they hear from our prime minister… everything that he says is a lie. He's trying to blind everyone else, and when he comes back here, then he goes back to his try to save his skin, and he's… fighting… only for himself, and the world doesn't know it."

These protests have been a regular weekly occurrence since January when Netanyahu announced his overhaul scheme, aimed at limiting the Supreme Court's power to invalidate political decisions. This move has sparked the largest protest movement in the regime's history, Press TV reported.

Despite mounting public pressure, including weekly demonstrations, labor strikes, and opposition within the regime's military ranks, Netanyahu's cabinet successfully passed one of the scheme's bills through the Knesset. This bill stripped the Supreme Court of its authority to reject government decisions or appointments on the grounds of being "unreasonable." Netanyahu's far-right cabinet remains committed to advancing the rest of the overhaul.

Supporters of the overhaul argue that it rebalances power between politicians and the judiciary, while opponents accuse Netanyahu of attempting a power grab. They contend that the prime minister, who is currently on trial for corruption charges including bribery, fraud, and breach of trust, is using the scheme to avoid potential judgments against him.

In an unprecedented move, the regime's Supreme Court recently convened its entire 15-judge bench to hear an appeal against one of the overhaul's bills, with a decision expected in the near future. Another critical hearing, regarding the refusal of the Israeli justice minister to convene the committee responsible for selecting judges, is scheduled for later this month. The regime's attorney general has criticized Justice Minister Yariv Levin's actions, characterizing them as an attempt to politicize the judicial selection process.