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Pentagon Admits US Forces in Iraq, Syria Attacked 55 Times in A Month

15 Nov 2023 20:59

Islam Times - The United States War Department admitted that there have been 55 attacks on US occupation troops in Iraq and Syria over the past month, causing ‘minor injuries’ to nearly 60 US personnel.

Occupation bases of the US-led coalition have been struck by resistance groups at least 27 times in Iraq and 28 times in Syria since October 17, according to Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh.

The resistance groups have stated that their operations against the US occupation bases are in response to Washington’s support for the ‘Israeli’ regime’s war on Gaza.

Singh told reporters that at least 27 US personnel have been evacuated due to traumatic brain injuries resulting from the attacks, and additional 32 have been evacuated for non-serious injuries. “As of today, all 59 have returned to duty.”

Around 2,500 American occupation troops are stationed in Iraq and 900 in Syria illegally against the wills of the governments of both countries.

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