Friday 17 November 2023 - 02:52

Report: Over 1000 Israeli Strikes in Gaza Used Banned White Phosphorus

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Report: Over 1000 Israeli Strikes in Gaza Used Banned White Phosphorus
This revelation comes from the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, shedding stark light on the alarming use of such highly incendiary weaponry and its devastating consequences, BNN reported.

White phosphorus is a substance known for its highly destructive nature. Burning at extremely high temperatures, it inflicts severe burns upon contact with skin, often penetrating to the bone. Moreover, the substance is difficult to extinguish, continuing to burn until it’s deprived of oxygen or the fuel source is exhausted. It’s these characteristics that have led to its international ban in warfare, particularly in areas populated by civilians.

While the immediate impact on individuals is horrifying, the long-term environmental harm caused by white phosphorus is equally devastating.

The Euro-Mediterranean Monitor’s report highlights the significant environmental damage in Southern Lebanon – woodland, agricultural land, fruit and olive trees, and livestock were all affected by fires, allegedly ignited by this contentious weapon. The lingering presence of white phosphorus in the environment poses a serious risk to civilian communities, potentially contaminating food and water supplies.

The report also touches on the controversial issue of the US supplying internationally-banned munitions, including white phosphorus, to Israel for use in the Gaza war. This has sparked condemnation from various quarters, including Iran. The alleged use of such weaponry raises serious questions about compliance with international humanitarian law and opens up the potential for war crimes charges.

While the use of white phosphorus in conflict is not new, this report brings renewed attention to the devastating effects of such weapons, the urgent need for stringent enforcement of international laws, and the importance of holding those responsible accountable for their actions.