Saturday 18 November 2023 - 20:52

‘Israeli’ Generals Warn: Soldiers’ Conduct in Gaza Endangers Forces

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‘Israeli’ Generals Warn: Soldiers’ Conduct in Gaza Endangers Forces
Among the alarming reports, a testimony of a tank commander claimed he observed soldiers playing soccer, swimming in the waters of Gazan beaches, spraying graffiti inscriptions on the walls of Palestinian houses, and planting trees brought from the occupied territories.

Also, some unusual political statements by soldiers were recorded on social networks. One veteran in the ‘Israeli’ military reserves told Walla! of one case in which he witnessed the arrival of fuel tanks deep in Gaza.

“A message was received about heavy vehicles [armored personnel carriers, tanks, bulldozers] engaging in a competition to see who will arrive at their destination first. There is no order. There is always one driver who wants to arrive first, or someone who bypasses the line, and then there is tension between them.”

"It has already happened before which ended in a collision between the heavy vehicles that led to damage, and almost had soldier casualties. This points to deep disciplinary problems in the area and it needs to be addressed quickly."

An ‘Israeli’ spokesperson responded to reports, saying that "the conduct and words of the soldiers emerging from the records are not in line with the orders and values of the ‘Israeli’ military that is expected of soldiers when fulfilling their duties. Each case is handled on its own merit."

Along with this, it was reported that the Southern Command headquarters has given daily a booklet filled with lessons, comments and insights between sectors and obliges military commanders to go through it while in a war.

Another military official commented on the incident in which an ‘Israeli’ military officer was recorded planting a tree: "The officer was summoned to a hearing by his commander following his conduct that is not in line with ‘Israeli’ military orders and values. The officer has been suspended from his post."

The source claimed that similar cases are in the process of being examined and treated.