Saturday 18 November 2023 - 21:05

Congresswoman Omar Unveils Resolution to Block US Arms Sale to “Israel”

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Congresswoman Omar Unveils Resolution to Block US Arms Sale to “Israel”
A group of progressive Democrats, led by Omar, introduced the proposal called a “resolution of disapproval” on Thursday.

The resolution seeks to revoke the export license of a specific type of guided bomb kit approved for sale to the “Israeli” entity months before the regime started its war on the besieged territory.

In a statement, Omar's office said, “These weapons have already been used in the siege on Gaza”.

The administration of President Joe Biden and the “Israeli” entity agreed on the arms deal earlier this year. The White House informed Congress on October 31 that it would begin transferring the gear, which can turn an unguided bomb into a GPS-guided munition, The Wall Street Journal reported back then.

Omar, one of the loudest voices in Congress against US military support for the entity, said in a statement that “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his far-right government “continue to commit war crimes in their siege of the Gaza Strip.

“From requests to minimize civilian casualties, avoid a ground invasion, avoid reoccupation of Gaza, and institute a meaningful humanitarian pause, Netanyahu continues to thumb his nose at US policy and requests.”

She said Washington already provides the entity “with $3.8 billion of military aid a year, and holds enormous leverage over their actions. It is the responsibility of Congress to exercise oversight over weapons sales.”

“That is why we must not allow weapons sales that will be used to directly violate US and international law, human rights, and our own moral standing in the world.”

American news outlet Bloomberg however reported Wednesday that the Pentagon had “quietly” ramped up military aid to Israel," since the regime waged its war on Gaza on October 7.

The regime has so far killed more than 12,000 people, including at least 5,000 children.