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Turkmenistan Proposes Launching a Joint Economic Zone with Iran: FM

18 Nov 2023 21:11

Islam Times - The deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan said his country is interested in broadening relations with Iran and proposed setting up a joint economic zone with Iran.

Rashid Meredov invited Iranian companies to participate in the development projects of Turkmenistan.

Speaking in the inaugural ceremony of the Iran-Turkmenistan Economic Forum in Ashgabat on Saturday, he noted that the participation of the Iranian side in this forum is solid evidence of the interest of this country to strengthen its economic ties with Turkmenistan.

Exchanging views for the development of trade and economic ties, finding new cooperation routes and employing the high capacities of the two countries are among the main objectives of organizing the forum, he said.

Trade relations between Iran and Turkmenistan are significantly growing, Meredov stated, adding that his country is taking effective steps for materializing the strategic objectives between the two countries.

Promoting cooperation with Iran is one of the priorities of Turkmenistan’s government, he said, adding that Turkmenistan has an active economy, rich with natural oil and gas reserves and can provide many opportunities for Iranian investors.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the official emphasized that his country will take effective measures to increase the volume of trade with Iran.

He pointed to the role of border marketplaces in the growth of trade between the two countries and said Bajgiran border marketplaces are active at the borders of the two countries and Turkmenistan proposes that Iran set up a joint economic zone in Sarakhs and Inche Boroun areas.

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