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Yemeni Navy Detains Israeli Ship in Red Sea: Report

19 Nov 2023 22:16

Islam Times - Multiple news sources have confirmed the Yemeni Navy's detention of an Israeli ship in the Red Sea.

Al Arabiya revealed that the vessel, identified as the "Galaxy Leader" affiliated with the Zionist regime, was apprehended by Yemen's Ansarullah movement with 22 passengers onboard. Furthermore, Al Mayadeen news network, citing its own sources, announced the detainment of an Israeli ship carrying 52 passengers.

Yemeni sources corroborated this information, affirming to Al Mayadeen that the Yemeni Navy had successfully detained the Israeli ship in the Red Sea.

Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the Spokesman for Yemeni Armed Forces, stated on Sunday that all ships owned or operated by Israeli companies or bearing the Israeli flag would be targeted.

"Out of religious, national, and moral responsibility and in light of the heinous Israeli-American aggression and the daily massacres and genocide in Gaza, and in response to the demands of our Yemeni people and the demands of free nations to aid our oppressed people in Gaza, the Yemeni Armed Forces declare their intention to target all types of the following ships: ships carrying the Israeli flag, ships operated by Israeli companies, and ships owned by Israeli companies," the Yemeni Armed Forces said.

The Yemeni Armed Forces also urged all countries of the world to withdraw their citizens working within the crews of these ships, avoid shipping on board these ships or engaging with them, and notify their ships to stay away from these vessels.

A military source within the Yemeni Navy confirmed their capability to target Israeli ships not only in the Red Sea but also in unexpected locations. The armed forces aim to target all Israeli ships, whether en route to occupied Palestine or any other destination.

The Yemeni Armed Forces emphasized that their operations against the Israeli enemy would persist until the Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza ceases.

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