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Tokyo, Beijing Stress Boosting Bilateral Cooperation

26 Nov 2023 21:36

Islam Times - The foreign ministers of China and Japan emphasized strengthening cooperation and bilateral relations between Beijing and Tokyo.

On the sidelines of the tripartite meeting of foreign ministers of China, Japan and South Korea in Busan, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa discussed the development and strengthening of bilateral relations.

The talks between Kamikawa and Wang marked the first time the two senior diplomats had met since Kamikawa became Japan's foreign minister in September and followed the first face-to-face talks in a year by their countries' leaders earlier this month.

In this meeting, referring to the recent talks between the leaders of the two countries in San Francisco, the Chinese Foreign Minister stressed the adherence to the principles and consensus contained in the four political documents signed between the two countries and noted that these four documents are an important political path for the development of the two countries' relations.

For this purpose, both sides should establish a proper mutual understanding and make sure that the two countries are not a threat to each other, but good partners, Wang said.

Emphasizing the need to respect each other's legitimate concerns, the Chinese top diplomat added: "Japan must adhere to its commitments regarding the Taiwan issue and the One China principle and refrain from interfering in Beijing's internal affairs."

Referring to Tokyo's desire to strengthen relations with Beijing, Kamikawa added: "We are looking for close cooperation with China by focusing on common points to strengthen bilateral relations in order to follow the path set by the leaders of the two countries in their recent meeting."

The meeting in Busan, South Korea, also comes just days after North Korea claimed to have successfully put its first military spy satellite into orbit. Pyongyang’s increasingly potent nuclear and missile programs will likely be high on the ministers’ agenda.

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