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Yemen: Fate of Ships Seized Depends on Palestine's Options

30 Nov 2023 21:18

Islam Times - The Spokesman of the Yemeni Ansarullah Movement said that the fate of the Israeli ships seized by the Yemeni forces in the Red Sea was subject to the options of the Palestinian Resistance's options.

Last week, the Yemeni armed forces seized an Israeli ship in the southern part of the Red Sea to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemnation of the Israeli genocide in Gaza. 

Delivering a speech on Wednesday Muhammad Abdul Salam said that stressed that the security of the maritime passages was of paramount importance for Yemen and that the recent seizures were confined just to the Israeli vessels.

Abdul Slam pointed out that the seizure of the ship and the arrest of its crew were in line with solidarity with the Palestinian people and in support of their brave resistance in Gaza.

It was on October 7 that the Palestinian Resistance carried out Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on the Israeli regime's forces in response to the regime's daily crimes against the Palestinian people during 75 years of occupation of Palestine since 1948. 

The operation inflicted an irreparable hit on the Israeli regime's intelligence and military reputation such that the US allied with France, the UK, and Germany to help the regime but they could not restore the reputation, but left nearly 15,000 Palestinian people, including women and children.

World Food Programme (WFP) announced that famine is emerging in the Gaza Strip and the risk is increasing. It also reported earlier that about 2,200 Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip are in need of food. 

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