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Help Me Not: US Classes Itself as the Nation Helping Gaza Most!

8 Dec 2023 10:40

Islam Times - While in fact greenlighting the ‘Israeli’ killing machine against the Gazan people, a top US government spokesman has claimed that Washington is doing more than “any other nation” to assist civilians in Gaza. The official also alleged that the US has pressured ‘Israel’ to be “cautious” in its bombing campaign on the densely populated territory.

Despite the relentless ‘Israeli’ bombardment that has so far left more than 16,000 Palestinian martyrs in Gaza, with the majority of the dead being women and children, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters that the US is doing everything in its power to prevent civilian deaths and get aid to those who need it most.

At least 7,000 more Palestinians are missing as a result of the ‘Israeli’ war, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

“Name me one more nation – any other nation – that’s doing as much as the United States to alleviate the pain and suffering of the people of Gaza. You can’t,” Kirby bragged on Thursday, adding that President Joe Biden is “leading the effort to get trucks, food, water, medicine and fuel to the people of Gaza.”

Kirby went on to claim that Washington is also doing more than any country to “urge our ‘Israeli’ counterparts to be as cautious and deliberate as they can be in the prosecution of their military operations.” He, however, failed to mention that any such alleged efforts haven’t bear any fruit…

Although the Biden administration has unveiled multiple aid packages for civilians in Gaza – including $21 million for food, shelter and other purposes earlier this week – it continues to be the Zionist regime’s top military donor, providing large sums of weapons and munitions for the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces.

In addition to annual aid authorized under previous legislation, which set aside $38 billion for the ‘Israeli’ military between the 2019 and 2028 fiscal years, Washington has offered thousands of bombs to the Zionist military since the beginning of the ‘Israeli’ war on October 7.

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