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Houthi: US Sought China Mediation, Failed in Its Aggression on Yemen

2 Feb 2024 10:25

Islam Times - The leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement Sayyed Abdul Malik Badreddiine Houthi confirmed that a US attempt to seek help from China for mediation to stop strikes on “Israeli”-bound ships in the Red Sea shows the US and Britain have failed in their mission.

Speaking in a televised speech broadcast from the Yemeni capital of Sana’a on Thursday, Houthi said the United States sees its power waning at home and overseas.

He further renewed his pledge that Yemen’s anti- “Israel” operations will continue until the entity’s campaign of genocide in Gaza ends.

“One sign of its failure is Washington’s attempt to seek assistance from Beijing in order to mediate and persuade us to stop our operations in support of the Palestinians against ‘Israeli’ ships and those associated with the ‘Israeli’ enemy,” he said.

Houthi underlined that “China knows what America is doing in Taiwan, and it knows what America has done in targeting China and imposing economic sanctions and seeking to limit its economic growth. China knows America’s hostile policies against it, and it is well aware of the extent of the American conspiracy through the Taiwan issue. Therefore, China will not involve itself in serving America or working for its interests.”

In parallel, the Yemeni leader underlined that the US and its Western backers must realize that they cannot break the resolve of the Yemeni people by repeated airstrikes on the Yemeni territory.

Houthi touched upon “Israel’s” ongoing campaign in Gaza in the wake of the January 26 ruling of the International Court of Justice [ICJ].

He said international institutions cannot make just and effective decisions regarding the crimes of “Israel” due to the US influence.

Houthi said the West’s moral bankruptcy is evident in their recent move to cut funding for the UN agency for Palestinian refugees.

He also slammed Arab countries for exporting goods to “Israel”, calling it an act of betrayal as the Palestinians are starving to death in the besieged Gaza Strip.

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