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UN Aid Chief: Gaza Wild Fire Threatens to Consume Entire Region

7 Feb 2024 02:09

Islam Times - As “Israel’s” genocidal war on besieged Gaza has entered its fifth month, UN aid chief Martin Griffiths has warned that the war in Gaza is a “wildfire” that could spread across the region.

Griffiths gave “five facts you need to know” about the situation in the war-torn besieged territory, in a social media post on Monday.

The population of southern Gaza’s Rafah has “increased five-fold” and families – trying to escape “Israel’s” relentless bombings – are “crammed in shelters and sleeping in the open.”

Griffiths further warned that the situation in Gaza is a “disaster in the making” targeting public and mental health.

The UN chief also said because of the “massive needs”, “pervasive insecurity” and “persistent access constraint” humanitarian aid alone “is not enough.”

In parallel, he added that the “indiscriminate bombing of densely populated civilian areas and depriving Gaza’s population of the essentials for survival “may amount to war crimes”.

“The conflict is a wildfire that threatens to consume the West Bank, Lebanon and the wider region,” he warned.

Last week, The United Nations Security Council raised the alarm at the “dire and rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation” in the Gaza Strip.

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