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Hezbollah Sees Int’l Guarantee as Nothing, Permanent Armament is Inevitable: Hezbollah Official

21 Feb 2024 09:14

Islam Times - Head of Hezbollah Executive Council Sayyed Hashem Safieddine stressed that the only guarantee of Lebanon’s safety and security in face of the enemies’ threats and wicked schemes is the Resistance weaponry.

Addressing a ceremony held at Al-Mujatab Complex in Beirut’s Dahiyeh to commemorate the martyr all the way to Al-Quds Mohammad Baqer Bassam, Sayyed Safieddine emphasized that the Lebanese must be sure that the Resistance will certainly assume its responsibilities and empower the nation. 

Hezbollah official noted that war on Gaza underlines the importance of the permanent armament and self-reliance in order to confront any aggression, defend the borders and liberate the occupied territories.

Sayyed Safieddine underscored that Hezbollah sees the international guarantees offered by the foreign envoys and embassies as nothing, adding that such guarantees have neither liberated Lebanon’s occupied territories nor protected the Gazans from the Zionist brutality. 

In the same context, Head of “Loyalty to Resistance” parliamentary bloc Hajj Mohammad Raad stressed that the Resistance has sacrificed around 200 martyrs, yet protect the whole nation.

Addressing a ceremony held in South Lebanon to commemorate the martyr all the way to Al-Quds Abbas Ali Mahdi, MP Raad stressed that the Resistance will the defeat the enemy and frustrate its schemes.

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