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21 Terrorists Arrested in Iran's Isfahan: Chief Justice

23 Feb 2024 21:37

Islam Times - The Chief Justice of Isfahan said that due to the efforts of Iran's intelligence forces in Isfahan province, in the past months, a number of terrorists and hostile elements were arrested, from which 55 handmade bombs and a large number of illegal weapons were discovered.

Asadullah Jafari, Chief Justice of Isfahan, in a speech before the Friday prayer sermons in Isfahan, said: "Although the enemies have done their best to strike for years they do to the Iranian nation, but with the help of God and the wise leadership and vigilance of the security forces, this nation lives in stable peace."

Referring to the deterrent power of the Iranian security forces, he continued: "Today, the Ministry of Intelligence, the IRGC Intelligence Organization, the Army and the Police do not allow the enemy to take action."

Referring to some of the important services, the Chief Justice of Isfahan said: Fighting against all types of terrorism, sabotage, threats to the security of the country, infiltration and espionage systems, providing economic security and fighting against the domination system and establishing security in the establishment of Islamic civilization, fighting against the cyber war of enemies and protecting the integrity and ethnic and religious minorities and fighting against organized criminals are only a part of these services.

He stated that with the efforts of the security forces in Isfahan province, a number of terrorists and hostile elements were arrested in the province in the past months, he said: "On the eve of the 22 Bahman rally (11 of February), eight terrorists were arrested thanks to the efforts of the security forces in Isfahan province."

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