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Ayatollah Khamenei: West Turning Blind Eye to 30,000 Palestinians Killed by Israelis

24 Feb 2024 21:14

Islam Times - The West is ignoring some 30,000 Palestinians Killed by the Israeli regime in Gaza, while creating uproar about a criminal executed elsewhere, Iran's Supreme Leader said Saturday.

He made the comments during a meeting with organizers of 24,000 Khuzestan Martyrs Convention, a periodic memorial ceremony held for martyrs of Saddam's war on Iran in the 1980s.

He panned the Western pro-rights "lies", saying that Gaza war disclosed the fake face ad hypocrisy of the Western civilization's advocacy for the human rights. 

"This is the true face of western culture and civilization and liberal democracy, whose politicians are ironed and smiling on the outside, but inside, it is a rabid dog and a bloodthirsty wolf," Fars News agency cited him as saying. 

"Some of them [Western countries] say something, but in practice they support, give weapons, give the goods they [Israelis] need. America is brazenly vetoing the resolution to stop bombing the people for the umpteenth time," he said, adding: "This is the liberal democracy of the West. They are neither liberals nor democrats, they are lying, they are promoting their work with hypocrisy."

He further hoped that the world public know the true face of the West better after Gaza war. 

"We are sure this Western civilization will not continue. It cannot continue this way. A crooked load does not reach home," he condemned the hypocritical Western civilization using a Persian saying. 

He lauded the resistance of Gaza forces to the Israeli strikes, maintaining that "the stoicism of the resistance forces in disappointing the enemy in its bid to destroy them, as well as the fortitude of the people of Gaza in the face of bombings and calamities shows the strong religious faith of these people."

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