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Israeli Confesses to Severe Pain Due to Yemeni Blockade

25 Feb 2024 21:17

Islam Times - The Israeli occupation's lamentation grows louder by the day due to the ongoing Yemeni blockade and the prevention of Israeli ships from passing through the Red Sea or foreign ships from heading to Zionist ports. Haifa's deputy mayor and head of the Zionist National Center for Maritime Economy, Nachshon Tzuk, expressed concerns about the replication of the Yemeni blockade in the Mediterranean, emphasizing that the blockade imposed on the Zionist entity by Sana'a's forces has exacerbated the economic situation within Israel.

Tzuk, speaking to the Hebrew Mind Haifa website specialized in Haifa's municipal affairs, pointed out that the Yemeni maritime blockade on Israel causes various problems, including the difficulty of importing ammunition, clothing, and other consumables into Israel. He confirmed that Israel does not possess a maritime fleet, with only five or six ships and foreign ships no longer reach occupied ports.

He expressed fear that the damages inflicted on ships en route to Israel via the Red Sea could also occur in the Mediterranean.

However, if the Mediterranean Sea were to be closed, which could only be achieved through the Axis of Resistance, it would completely suffocate the entity and might force it to cease its aggressive operations in the Gaza Strip.

Returning to the Yemeni blockade against “Israel," a report published by the Hebrew i24 website states that shipping companies have doubled shipping costs to occupied Palestinian ports due to Yemeni forces' attacks on Israeli or cooperating ships in the Red Sea. These attacks have led shipping companies to divert their routes to avoid passing through the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, resulting in a threefold increase in the time it takes for shipments to reach occupied ports.

In this regard, the Israeli Tax Authority indicates that it compensates ships damaged due to Yemeni forces' operations by 100 percent, confirming that the continuation of Zionist crimes in the Gaza Strip will keep the situation unchanged, as Sana'a's forces link ship safety to ending the criminal aggression against the Palestinian people.

Israeli officials' statements come amid Hebrew media confirmations of the failure of the US-British aggression to repel Yemeni attacks in the Red Sea.

The Hebrew Israel Defense website clarified that the US fleet has failed to deal with Yemeni attacks, stating that the fighting against Yemenis serves as a test field for Americans, preparing for potential future confrontations. It noted that the US Navy has launched 100 SM surface-to-air missiles against Yemeni targets since last September, with each missile costing about four to six million dollars. These missiles, SM-2, and SM-6 models, are long-range missiles capable of intercepting ballistic missiles, ground, and naval targets.

The Hebrew website reported that the US and British navies in the Red Sea have so far failed to intercept all Yemeni launch operations, confirming that Zionist-affiliated carriers and merchant ships attacked by Sana'a forces have suffered missile strikes, with some sustaining severe damage due to weapons launched from Yemen. It added that America and its allied countries have failed to intercept these missiles.
African Site: Yemen Facing the Dirtiest Alliance in History

The official website of the Alba Granada North Africa Coordination stated that Yemen is facing the dirtiest alliance and fighting the holiest battle in history.

It added that Washington and London have carried out more than 200 airstrikes against Yemen, but they have not achieved their objectives. It pointed out that the Zionist economy has declined by 20 percent, and US allies want to compensate for this decline with a new aid program worth $14 billion as part of a huge budget of $95 billion that the Senate has not yet approved.

The site mentioned that the Yemeni Armed Forces shot down an MQ-9 drone near the coastal city of Hodeidah, marking the second unmanned American aircraft downed by Sana'a forces since Operation Al-Aqsa Storm. It noted that the MQ-9 drone, valued at $32 million, is equipped with AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and can fly for 20 hours at a speed of 300 miles per hour.

It affirmed that the unmanned spy aircraft, equipped for long-range surveillance missions, are controlled by ground pilots - sometimes up to 8000 kilometers away - and can gather information at an altitude of up to 15,600 meters, describing it as a technological gem unable to evade Yemeni air defense missiles.

The African site quoted Vice Adm. Brad Cooper, deputy commander of US Central Command, telling CBS News in a recent "60 Minutes" interview, "I think we need to go back to World War II where we had ships fighting, and when I say fighting, I mean they were being shot at, we were being shot at, and then we backed off," noting that Washington has sent about 7,000 sailors to the Red Sea.

The site indicated that the Yemeni Armed Forces have attacked naval ships affiliated with Israel passing through the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait in the Red Sea to demand an end to Zionist genocide in Gaza. Meanwhile, the US has supplied Israel with thousands of bombs and other weapons to enable the massacre in Gaza to continue, clarifying that without the support of the US, Israel will quickly be forced to end its crimes.

It pointed out that instead of demanding Israel to agree to a ceasefire and negotiate an end to its massacres in Gaza, the US and the UK have sent warships to the Red Sea to attack the Yemeni forces. In response to this, Sana'a pledged not to back down from supporting the Palestinian people.

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