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Lavrov: West has Failed to Isolate Russia

29 Feb 2024 02:59

Islam Times - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that “Attempts by the US and its allies to impose economic and diplomatic isolation on Russia have failed, partly due to support from Moscow’s genuine friends around the world.”

Speaking at a meeting of the International Russophile Movement on Tuesday, the foreign minister told participants that they have helped to counter Western pressure.

“Russia in fact has many true time-tested friends around the world, including in the US and Europe. They not only show an interest in us, but share the values that we promote, which all world religions and civilizations have in common,” Lavrov said.

He further added that “It seems natural that the destructive line of Western elites to isolate Russia, including in the global informational and cultural spaces, and the general drive to ‘cancel’ everything even remotely connected to our nation have suffered a complete failure.”

The minister said the Western punitive campaign involves lying to the world about Russian policies and goals – but that most people are more interested in facts than in propaganda myths, and realize that attempts to prohibit cooperation with Russia “stop no one but those who initiated them.”

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