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Gaza Crisis: UN Warns of Famine As Israel Blocks Aid

29 Feb 2024 03:06

Islam Times - The United Nations accused Israel of systematically obstructing aid to Gaza, stating that a quarter of Gaza's population is on the brink of famine without immediate action.

UN officials criticized Israel for blocking aid to Gaza, stating that urgent action is needed to prevent famine among its population.

Israeli forces were seen firing on Palestinians gathering for food in northern Gaza, though casualties from the incident were not immediately confirmed.

The ongoing Israeli war on Gaza, now in its fifth month, has claimed the lives of at least 29,878 Palestinians, with women and children comprising the majority of the casualties.

Israel's military operations, including daily air attacks, ground offensives, and restrictions on Gaza's crossings, have devastated the enclave and exacerbated the humanitarian crisis.

Ramesh Rajasingham, the UN's deputy humanitarian agency chief, warned the UN Security Council of the dire situation in Gaza, with one in six children under two in northern Gaza suffering from acute malnutrition.

He emphasized that nearly all 2.3 million Gazans depend on inadequate food aid to survive, and without intervention, widespread famine is almost inevitable.

Obstacles such as crossing closures, restrictions, and damaged infrastructure make it challenging for aid groups to deliver supplies into Gaza, according to Rajasingham.

Jens Laerke, an OCHA spokesman, stated that Israel's aggression have made it nearly impossible to deliver aid to Gaza, with convoys facing gunfire and access denial.

The World Food Program (WFP) is prepared to expand operations if a ceasefire is agreed upon, but the current conditions make it difficult to bring critical supplies into Gaza.

Carl Skau, the WFP's deputy executive director, warned that famine is imminent in northern Gaza if conditions do not change.

The WFP suspended aid deliveries to northern Gaza after convoys were targeted and looted, and all planned aid convoys have been denied by Israeli authorities in recent weeks.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called on Israel to keep border crossings open for aid deliveries and to open more crossings to facilitate humanitarian access.

Robert Wood, the deputy US ambassador to the UN, urged Israel to improve procedures to ensure safe aid delivery, emphasizing the need for more assistance to Gaza.

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