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Grossi Calls for Iran's Full Cooperation with IAEA

5 Mar 2024 00:41

Islam Times - IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi reiterated his call on Iran for full cooperation despite all Iran's cooperation with the Agency.

Grossi made the remarks in his Introductory Statement to the Board of Governors on Monday as published on the Agancy's website. 

Grossi said that "Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium continues to increase, even though the level of uranium enriched up to 60% has fallen slightly."

"The Agency has lost continuity of knowledge in relation to the production and inventory of centrifuges, rotors and bellows, heavy water and uranium ore concentrate. It is three years since Iran stopped provisionally applying its Additional Protocol and therefore it is also three years since the Agency was able to conduct complementary access in Iran," according to the IAEA's chief. 

He went on to claim that "There has been no progress in resolving the outstanding safeguards issues. Iran has not provided the Agency with technically credible explanations for the presence of uranium particles of anthropogenic origin at Varamin and Turquzabad or informed the Agency of the current location(s) of the nuclear material and/or of contaminated equipment."

He went on to mention some of his alleged concerns over Iran's nuclear activities and said that "I reiterate that only through constructive and meaningful engagement can all of these concerns be addressed and once again I call upon Iran to cooperate fully and unambiguously with the Agency."

Iran took some steps away from the 2015 nuclear deal known as the JCPOA after the illegal unilateral US withdrawal from the deal and the continued E3 participants' indifference to the illegal US sanction on Iran. Tehran has vowed that it will reverse course and will fully abide by the deal when the Western parties remove all the sanctions against it in accordance with the text of the JCPOA.

Iran and the other parties to the nuclear deal were very close to concluding an agreement in September 2022 to revive the deal after the removal of sanctions on Tehran but the US government made excessive demands to bring to JCPOA revival talks to the current situation since pinning hope on the foreign provoked riots at the time.

In relevant remarks, the Iranian foreign ministry's spokesman Nasser Kan'ani said on Monday that Iran has not closed the diplomatic channels to revive the deal yet. 

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