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10 Personnel Injured in Explosion at Indonesia’s Surabaya Police HQ

5 Mar 2024 08:45

Islam Times - At least 10 personnel were injured following an explosion that rocked the Indonesian police’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob) headquarters in Surabaya, East Java, on Monday.

East Java Police Chief Inspector General Imam Sugianto said the injured individuals were among a group of 15 personnel undergoing training in an indoor facility near the temporary warehouse that exploded, Bernama reported.

All injured personnel underwent overnight treatment and observation at the hospital before being discharged today.

“Examination at the scene found shattered glass scattered around, which hit our personnel,” he said, as quoted by the local news outlet, Detik Jatim.

Imam pointed out that the explosion, triggered by leftover war mortar explosives, took place at 10.19 am local time, resulting in damage to office spaces and vehicles.

The remaining explosives, previously found and moved from residential areas, were awaiting destruction.

He added that initial investigation found the explosion was caused by the high temperature of the sun’s heat.

The authorities dispatched four police ambulances to transport the injured members to Bhayangkara Surabaya Hospital, as reported in the news.

Hartati, a trader at a food court near the area, recounted hearing three explosions, with the last one being the loudest.

The blast shook windows at nearby homes, and authorities are ready to aid residents whose houses have been affected.

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