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IOF Suffers 8 Injuries in Gaza Within 24 Hours, Total Reaches 3,160 Since ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’ Began

28 Mar 2024 21:59

Islam Times - The Israeli occupation army has admitted that 8 soldiers were injured in clashes with Palestinian resistance fighters in the Gaza Strip within the past day. This brings the total number of wounded since the beginning of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” to a staggering 3,160.

Today, fierce battles raged in the eastern and southern areas of the Shifa Medical Complex in northern Gaza, as well as in the Al-Amal neighborhood and surrounding areas in Khan Yunis to the south.

Just yesterday, the Israeli occupation forces acknowledged that a soldier had been seriously injured in a clash with the Palestinian resistance in southern Gaza. Israeli media sources have reported a significant increase in the number of casualties among their forces during the ongoing war on Gaza, equating the losses to that of an entire army brigade.

بالفيديو | مشاهد من الاشتباكات واستهداف مجاهدي سرايا القدس لآلية عسكرية صهيونية في محيط مجمع الشفاء غرب مدينة غزة pic.twitter.com/FfdkZMgSFa

— قناة المنار (@TVManar1) March 27, 2024

As the Israeli occupation army attempts to control the dissemination of accurate casualty numbers, video footage released by the Palestinian resistance suggests that the actual losses suffered by the occupation forces may be much greater than officially reported.

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