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Russia Warns Israel on Consequences of Attacks on Syria

29 Mar 2024 23:02

Islam Times - Russia’s foreign ministry denounced Israel's deadly air raids on Syria, condemning the " breach of Syria's sovereignty, warning Israel of the consequences.

Such attacks are “fraught with extremely dangerous consequences”, said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova.

The attack on Syria’s Aleppo province is Israel’s deadliest in months, killing at least 42 people including 36 Syrian soldiers, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

“Israeli aircraft carried out attacks on the vicinity of Aleppo and Damascus, resulting in the death and injury of dozens, including civilians. Once again, we assert that such aggressive actions against Syria constitute a blatant violation of its sovereignty and the basic rules of international law.” said the ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova in a statement on Friday.

“These attacks are completely unacceptable and we strongly condemn such provocative actions that have very serious consequences, especially in light of the sharp deterioration of the situation in the region.” Zakharova added.

At dawn of Friday, the Israeli occupation launched an aggression against several points in Aleppo countryside, killing and wounding many civilians and soldiers, in conjunction with attacks launched by terrorist organizations in the direction of the western Aleppo countryside, SANA reported.

On Thursday, two civilians were also martyred in another Israeli aggression that targeted a residential building in Damascus countryside.

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