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Anti-Hegemonic Nations Inspired by Islamic Republic: General Staff

30 Mar 2024 21:36

Islam Times - The ideals of the Islamic Revolution have extended beyond the boundaries and have offered a beacon of hope to the free nations that seek to rid themselves of the hegemonic Western powers, the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces said on Saturday.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s ideals, aspirations and guidelines that entail confrontation with tyranny, opposition to arrogance, advocacy for religious democracy and support for the oppressed have gone beyond the geographical borders, the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces said in a statement in commemoration of the anniversary of beginning of the Islamic Republic on Farvardin 12th, dubbed the “Islamic Republic Day”.

The statement said that despite the unending hostile plots, the values of the Islamic Revolution have turned into a beacon of hope for the nations that struggle against the dominating hegemony of outsiders, specifically the US, Britain and a number of European countries.

It also noted that the signs of promotion of the “Islamic Revolution culture” have become obvious in the world with the rise of anti-imperialist movements, formation of the resistance front, the decline of the US’ power, and the emergence of anti-Israeli spirit and thoughts across the world, even in the countries that sponsor the Zionist regime.

The General Staff finally reaffirmed that the Iranian armed forces spare no effort to safeguard the Islamic Revolution’s tenets, protect the Islamic Republic’s establishment, and ensure the security and independence of Iran.

On Sunday, March 31, Iran is going to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the outset of the Islamic Republic as the country’s official ruling system, which was approved by the overwhelming majority of Iranians in a landmark referendum back in 1979.

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