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Iran Armed Forces: Anti-imperialist Uprising Sign of Islamic Rev. Expansion

30 Mar 2024 22:43

Islam Times - The General Staff of the Armed Forces stated that the anti-imperialist uprisings in the world, and the formation of the Resistance Front are part of the expansion of the culture of the Islamic Revolution.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces issued a statement on the occasion of Farvardin 12, (April 1), known as the “Islamic Republic Day”.

According to the statement, Farvardin 12 was a historic and significant day for the Islamic Republic.

The day manifested the Iranian nation’s determination to leave foreigners’ domination behind so that the people determine their destiny, the statement underlined.

It added that the system in the Islamic Republic has turned into a model for the freedom-seeking nations across the world.

The ideals and policies of the Islamic Republic are a hope for all nations in the world who want to be liberated from the domination system, and foreigners, especially US, UK, and some European countries, the statement noted.

The Islamic Republic is against oppression and arrogance while seeking support for the oppressed and the Islamic democracy, read the statement.

Anti-imperialism uprisings around the world, the formation of the Resistance Front and its expansion, the collapse of the hollow power of the Great Satan – the United States -- and also the revival of anti-Israeli spirit are signs of the expansion of the Islamic Revolution’s culture beyond Iran's borders, the Armed Forces said.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces declares that it will make great efforts to realize the goals of the Islamic Revolution and the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and will always provide the security and independence of the nation and the country.

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