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Hezbollah’s Made Strategic Gains in War: Israeli Expert

30 Mar 2024 22:52

Islam Times - An Israeli expert has told Israeli broadcaster Channel 13 that Lebanon's Hezbollah has made strategic gains forcing Israel's north to evacuate its settlers.

Along Ben David, a political analyst and journalist, said that the Lebanese resistance movement has managed to impose an evacuation on the Israeli regime without paying a price or making a major effort.

"We have to ask how security is supposed to return to the north? Israel has no plans for this, the army may continue to play the game of exchanging attacks with Hezbollah, but it will never be able to force it to retreat. 

Another expert told Channel 12 that Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is the one who is leading and manging the war from a strategic viewpoint.

He added that the settlers will never return home in the north.

On Thursday, Israel Hayom newspaper reported that after nearly half a year, Al-Jalil (Galilee) has become a security point without people and nobody can solve this problem.

In mid-February, Hezbollah chief said that for now over 100,000 Israelis are displaced from the north due to the fighting. He warned that in case of an all-out war, this number will rise sharply.

“You will have to find a place to shelter two million people from the north,” he said. 

He added: “If the Zionist enemy carries out any action, we will return to the same equations and rules and our responses will be proportionate." 

Hezbollah carries out daily missile and drone attacks on the Israeli regime in response to Tel Aviv’s crimes in Gaza. 

It says that the weapons it uses are not everything it has and it's arsenal has a secret aspect, and since the 2006 war it won against the Israeli regime, it has developed and sophisticated its missiles, with its main focus on making them pinpoint-accurate. 

The resistance movement says it will continue its anti-Israeli operations until Tel Aviv stops its crimes against Gaza. 

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