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US Plans to Block Use of Russian Anti-Virus Software: Report

11 Apr 2024 02:12

Islam Times - Washington is poised to prohibit American businesses and individuals from utilizing software developed by Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab, as reported by CNN on Tuesday, citing anonymous government officials familiar with the situation.

This move marks an unprecedented step, as such measures have not previously targeted private entities and citizens.

The comprehensive ban is nearing finalization and could be implemented as early as this month, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The new regulation would leverage "relatively new Commerce Department authorities built on executive orders" issued by Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump to restrict Kaspersky Lab from offering certain products and services within the United States.

Sources indicate that the order aims to address perceived risks posed by Kaspersky's software to critical infrastructure in the US. As part of the groundwork for this action, the US Department of Commerce has made an "initial determination" to block certain transactions between the Russian cybersecurity company and US citizens.

While specifics regarding the full scope of the forthcoming order against Kaspersky products have not been disclosed, sources suggest it will primarily target the firm's antivirus software.

In 2022, the Federal Communications Commission designated the internet security provider as one of the companies posing a threat to US national security. Following this decision, Kaspersky released a statement asserting that the ruling was politically motivated and lacked a comprehensive evaluation of Kaspersky’s products and services' integrity.

In 2017, US regulators prohibited the federal government from using Kaspersky software, citing concerns over potential ties to state-sponsored espionage programs. Subsequently, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) emphasized heightened apprehensions about the firm's alleged connections as a principal factor in the decision.

Kaspersky Lab challenged the Trump administration's actions through two lawsuits, arguing that the bans were unconstitutional and inflicted undue harm on the company. However, in 2018, the District of Columbia court dismissed both cases, affirming Washington's imposed ban.

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