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Hezbollah Says to Responds to Any Israeli Mistake

20 Apr 2024 00:57

Islam Times - The Deputy Secretary General of Lebanon's Hezbollah said that Hezbollah would respond to any mistake made by the Israeli regime.

Sheikh Naeem Qasim said on Friday night that Hezbollah would neither stop supporting Gaza nor stop confronting the Israeli regime unless a ceasefire is established in Gaza and the regime's war is stopped. 

Sheikh Naeem said: "Our support is for Gaza and Lebanon knows that if it remains silent about what is going on in the [Gaza] strip today, it will be the next target."

During the past months of the Israeli regime's all-out genocide in Gaza, Lebanon's Hezbollah has been targeting the regime's military bases in the northern part of the Israeli-occupied territories.  

So far, tens of thousands of Zionists have fled the settlements near the Lebanese borders out of fear of resistance attacks.

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