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“Israel’s” Rift: Ben-Gvir under Fire for ‘Lame’ Iran Tweet

20 Apr 2024 09:52

Islam Times - One of “Israel’s” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s key allies has been accused of damaging “Israel” with just one word, after making a social media post about the attack on an Iranian airfield.

Iran has brushed off reports of explosions in the skies over Isfahan on Friday.

Meanwhile, the so-called “Israel’s” “National” Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir chimed in.

“Lame,” he posted on X [formerly Twitter] in Hebrew, suggesting not only that “Israel” was behind the strike but that it had been ineffective.

“Never before has a minister done such heavy damage to the ‘country’s’ security, its image, and its international status,” opposition leader Yair Lapid responded. “In an unforgivable tweet of one word, Ben Gvir managed to sneer and shame ‘Israel’ from Tehran to Washington.”

Channel 12 quoted unnamed government officials close to Netanyahu as calling Ben-Gvir “childish and irrelevant to any discussion,” but also accusing him of damaging “Israel’s national” security.

“He may as well be working for the enemy,” wrote podcaster Shaiel Ben-Ephraim, who pointed out that Iranian media have been citing Ben-Gvir’s tweet to mock "Israel".

Iran’s Tasnim news agency had indeed quoted the minister’s social media post, noting that “even ‘Israeli’ officials are laughing at them.”

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