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Syrian Air Defense Confronts Israeli Aggression

21 Apr 2024 10:15

Islam Times - Syrian air defense confronted Israeli missiles that were fired near Daraa, a city in southern Syria.

Syrian air defense confronted Israeli aggressive missiles in the vicinity of Daraa in southern Syria, the Sputnik news agency reported early on Sunday.

The source added that the Syrian military's air defense system successfully intercepted and repelled the Israeli missiles.

In addition, the Syrian defense system intercepted and destroyed some of the missiles that were fired by Israel towards a radar station between Izraa city and Naamer settlement in the northern vicinity of Daraa province.

The source also stated that the attacks caused only material damage.

The Israeli regime has repeatedly conducted military attacks on various areas in Syria, including residential areas. As a result, the Damascus government has written several letters to UN officials, calling for measures to prevent the Zionist military aggression against Syria.

Despite repeated Israeli aggressions against Syria, the United Nations and the Security Council have not taken steps to stop such acts of aggression.

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