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Lebanese MP Reacts to “Israeli” Attack: “Israel” Won’t Scare Us, Hezbollah Will Endure

28 May 2024 07:48

Islam Times - Immediately after the “Israeli” attack to the Martyr Salah Ghandour Hospital at Bint Jbeil, the member of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc, MP Hassan Fadlallah, arrived at the scene.

He inspected the damage, checked on the wounded, and met with their families. He also spoke with the hospital’s administrators about the treatment of the injured.
Fadlallah asserted that “Israeli” attacks, including the targeting of the entrance to a well-known humanitarian institution, is part of the “Tel Aviv’s” ongoing aggression against Lebanon but will not instill fear. He noted that the enemy does not hesitate to commit massacres in Gaza and target hospitals and medical staff.

“Such attacks are aimed at pressuring our country, the people of the region, and the resistance. However, this will only increase our adherence to the resistance, and we will continue confronting the enemy and supporting the Palestinian people until the massacres in Gaza stops following the latest massacre in Rafah. The attack on Bint Jbeil today will not bring back the settlers of the north or change the resistance’s decision to continue its operations to protect Lebanese civilians with the appropriate response and establish equations,” Fadlallah said.

“The occupation has no choice but to stop its aggression against Gaza, and we are in a state of war that has its sacrifices, but its results will not be in the interest of the enemy no matter what it does. It he has not learned from its experiences in Lebanon in May 2000 or July 2006. Lebanon will be the victor in this war, and the blood of our martyrs will bring glory and strength to the entire country because the great results benefit everyone. Lebanon is now among the influential countries that the enemy fears and considers after every targeting. All the pressures and the escalations will backfire with more painful strikes by the resistance,” the Lebanese lawmaker warned.

He concluded by stressing that results cannot be measured by the extent of the sacrifices.
“We are laying the foundation for a future phase that may extend for dozens of years. The enemy is prolonging the war, escalating its targeting, and fleeing forward. But it is sinking deeper and deeper. The longer the war lasts, the more it is exhausted, and we are able to inflict more damage.”

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