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Iran's Revolution Becomes More Resilient With Martyrs' Blood: Acting FM

30 May 2024 02:38

Islam Times - Iran's Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Bagheri Kani, expressed sorrow over the martyrdom of the President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, emphasizing that Iran's enemies could never benefit from these incidents, because Iran's Revolution becomes more strong with martyrs' blood.

Iran's acting Foreign Minister, Ali Bagheri after attending Imam ‌Imam Khomeini's shrine to renew allegiance with the Ideals of the Late Founder of the Islamic Revolution said: "We are the soldiers of Imam Khomeini, and We shall be."

He noted that Imam Khomeini showed that bringing religion into politics can be a successful method.

Bagheri called Imam's school of thought a valuable legacy and said that Imam Khomeini was the first person who could present a new foreign policy based on religious thinking.

The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs called the basis of Imam's thinking in foreign policy "independence," which has aspects at national, historical, and Islamic levels.

Bagheri added that the currents of Resistance are the extension of the Islamic revolution, and the Westerners want to attribute it to Iran, while the Resistance groups make decisions independently based on their national interests.

Bagheri expressed pride in being a soldier of Imam Khomeini stating that they will not hesitate to obey the leader's orders in foreign policy.

Iran's acting FM highlighted the influence of Iran's Islamic revolution and its commitment to Imam Khomeini's ideals, even in the face of adversity.

According to Iran's acting Foreign Minister, the martyrdom of the President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs is seen as a testament to the revolution's strength and the willingness of its supporters to sacrifice for the cause.

The emphasis on independence in foreign policy and the rejection of West influence are consistent with Iran's long-standing positions, He said.

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