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Taliban Backs Russia's Position on Ukraine Conflict, Envoy Says

30 May 2024 02:39

Islam Times - In a statement, Zamir Kabulov, the Russian Special Presidential Representative for Afghanistan, said the Taliban movement (which is banned in Russia) has expressed unequivocal support for Russia's position on the conflict in Ukraine.

Kabulov, who also serves as the director of the Foreign Ministry's Second Asian Department, made the remarks during a Soloviev Live TV broadcast.

According to Kabulov, the Taliban have made their position clear to him and the Russian ambassador in Kabul during various exchanges.

The Taliban "understand the root causes and consequences of this process" and are "on the same wavelength" as Russia, the envoy said.

The Taliban's support for Russia's stance on the Ukraine conflict comes as the group continues to face international isolation and economic challenges since taking control of Afghanistan in 2021.

The Taliban's alignment with Russia on the Ukraine conflict is not entirely surprising, given the group's longstanding ties with Moscow and its desire to maintain good relations with major powers. However, this stance is likely to complicate further the Taliban's efforts to gain international legitimacy and secure much-needed economic assistance for Afghanistan.

The Taliban's support for Russia's position may also be seen as a way to distance themselves from the West, which has been highly critical of the group's human rights record and its treatment of women and minorities since returning to power. By aligning with Russia, the Taliban may hope to gain some leverage in their dealings with the international community.

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