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“Israeli” Settlers March Through Occupied Al-Quds on “Flag Day”.

6 Jun 2024 08:41

Islam Times - “Israeli” settlers marched through a Palestinian neighborhood of occupied Al-Quds Old City during the so-called “Flag Day” march, which marks the end of the1967 Six-Days War and the occupation of the West Bank and eastern al-Quds.

On Wednesday, Zionist settler gathered outside the Damascus Gate, a main entrance to the city, chanting anti-Arab and anti-Islamic slogans while carrying “Israeli” flags.

Marchers clashed with the police, and threw bottles at a journalist wearing a PRESS vest.

Some insulted the last prophet of God and the revered icon of Muslims by chanting: "Mohammad is dead!"

“Israel's” far-right minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, declared in a message to Hamas: “‘Jerusalem’ [Al-Quds], Damascus Gate, and ‘Temple Mount’ [Al-Aqsa] is ours, God's hand will lead us to victory.”

Thousands of “Israeli” police officers were deployed in occupied al-Quds streets prior to the Flag Day procession.

Buses brought young Jewish men to the march, causing Palestinian shopkeepers to close for fear of extremist attacks.

The march occurred as the war on Gaza begins its ninth month.

“Israel” launched Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7, targeting hospitals, residences, and houses of worship in the Gaza Strip following the Palestinian Resistance’s surprise operation.

Over 36,000 Palestinians were martyred, many were women and children, with 82,959 others injured; and 1.7 million displaced because of the war.

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