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FBI Chief Cautions of Potential Moscow-Style Attack in US

6 Jun 2024 22:14

Islam Times - FBI chief Christopher Wray warned the US of a growing threat of a coordinated extremist attack, similar to the one that killed 145 people in Russia.

Wray emphasized the need for increased funding for the FBI to protect Americans from terrorism, stating that the agency has disrupted multiple terrorist attacks and proposed a 6.2% budget increase to $11.3 billion for the next fiscal year.

On March 22, a concert attack near Moscow killed 145 people and injured over 500, allegedly by Tajikistan-based gunmen who shot concertgoers and set off smoke bombs and explosives.
Russia's FSB has accused Ukrainian military intelligence of orchestrating the massacre, potentially using extremists as proxies.
Wray reported an increase in terrorist threats in the US since the start of the “Israeli” aggression on Gaza.
The FBI director warned of potential Middle East-inspired attacks on domestic targets, and a possible coordinated attack on the US soil, similar to the March ISIS-K assault in Russia, amidst calls for action.

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