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Bagheri Calls for Immediate Release of Iranian Detainee in Paris

7 Jun 2024 09:06

Islam Times - In a focused effort to secure the release of an Iranian citizen detained in Paris, Ali Bagheri, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, has been in direct contact with the Iranian ambassador to Paris. During a telephone conversation on Thursday, June 6, 2024, Bagheri followed up on the case of Bashir Beizar, who was arrested by the French police.

Bagheri, upon receiving an update from Ambassador Mohammad Aminnejad about Beizar's current situation and his family's condition, expressed his gratitude for the persistent efforts and follow-ups conducted by the Iranian embassy in Paris. He also emphasized the importance of safeguarding the rights of Iranian citizens in France, recommending that special attention be paid to legal and consular needs.

The Acting Minister stressed the need for continued engagement with French authorities to expedite Beizar's release and ensure his swift return to his family. He highlighted the protection of the rights of Iranian citizens abroad as a fundamental and priority task of Iran's diplomatic system, declaring, "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not hesitate to provide consular, legal, and political support to Iranian citizens anywhere in the world who require such assistance."

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