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Ramaswamy: Washington Seeks Regime Change in Russia

10 Jun 2024 03:11

Islam Times - The administration of US President Joe Biden wants to stage a regime change in Russia, former US presidential contender Vivek Ramaswamy said.

"Listen carefully to Biden & the bipartisan warmonger caucus on Ukraine. It’s no longer just about ‘defending’ Ukraine, TASS reported, citing Ramaswamy's remarks on his X social network account.

"These lunatics are starting to sound like they want full-on offense on Russia. It’s lunacy," he added.

He further noted,  "The reason they never stated the war aim in Ukraine is they wanted the flexibility to move the goalpost. They’re going for what they’ve wanted all along: regime change in Russia (without thinking twice about the consequences)."

US entrepreneur Elon Musk responded to Ramaswamy’s post by describing the situation as "very concerning."

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with heads of international news agencies organized by TASS that the peace treaty between Russia and Ukraine in 2022 was thwarted by those who wanted to achieve their foreign policy goals in Russia's direction, namely the destruction and strategic defeat of the country.

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