Wednesday 12 June 2024 - 01:34

Yemen Dismantles US, “Israeli” Espionage Network

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Yemen Dismantles US, “Israeli” Espionage Network
Yemen's Security and Intelligence Service announced on Monday that they had exposed a large espionage network active within various government departments for the past eight years.

Major General Abdul Hakim Hashem Al-Khaiwani, head of Yemen’s Security and Intelligence Service, stated, “The exposed network collected important information in various fields and carried out direct espionage technical operations on behalf of the enemy’s intelligence services to obtain confidential, sovereign information.”

Security authorities reported that the US- “Israeli” led network had recruited officials within the Yemeni government to influence decision-makers and infiltrate state agencies.

The spies also conducted operations aimed at spreading diseases to compromise Yemen’s health system, and promoted moral corruption” to undermine the country's education system.

Authorities further added that the network had provided intelligence to the US and “Israeli” militaries, facilitating attacks on Yemeni infrastructure used to target “Israeli” and US-linked ships in regional waters.