Friday 14 June 2024 - 03:34

Hezbollah Targets Northern Israel with Near 200 Missiles

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Hezbollah Targets Northern Israel with Near 200 Missiles
According to Israeli Media, more than 150 rockets, drones, and anti-tank missiles were fired by Hezbollah during a 30-minute attack and targetted sites in occupied Golan Heights and Upper Galilee.

At least 15 spots were engulfed by fire after video and pictures went viral on social media that showed Israeli soldiers on the Lebanese border using a medieval trebuchet catapult to shoot fireballs into southern Lebanon.

It has been reported that the aim of the Israeli army is an arson attack to set fire to the Lebanese side of the border.

The Hezbollah waves of missiles, artilleries, and drones attack deep into Israel caused a nonstop alarm warning across northern Israel on Thursday.

Hezbollah announced that the focus of the attacks was 15 Israeli military sites in Galilee and Golan and attacked targets by launching 30 drones and 150 rockets.

Today Hezbollah attack came after Hezbollah fired more than 215 rockets and drones into northern Israel following the Zionist Army assassinating Hezbollah military commander Talib Sami Abdallah and three other high-ranking military commanders in a drone attack in southern Lebanon.