Friday 14 June 2024 - 03:36

Israel Targets Northern Israel in Second Round of Missile Barrage

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Israel Targets Northern Israel in Second Round of Missile Barrage
On Thursday northern occupied lands were the scene of the most extensive attack of Lebanese Resistance Movement fighters since the Israeli war on Gaza began on October 7.

Hezbollah for the second consecutive day, targeted Israel with a barrage of missiles and drones. Hebrew media reported that more than 200 rockets sparked 15 fires in northern Israel which the fire continues to engulf.

Hezbollah says the attack was in support of Gaza and response to the assassination of one of its commanders in Jwayya.

Meanwhile, On Thursday evening, Hezbollah declares a second drone attack on the other military base, targeting the remaining intelligence centers inside.

Simultaneously, another squadron of drones successfully attacked the Katsavia barracks.

Hezbollah announced that its attacks successfully destroyed an IOF Hummer vehicle at the Al-Quds (Yiftah) Joshua triangle with a guided missile, killing or wounding the occupants.

The Islamic Resistance’s fighters targeted the Ruwaisat Al-Qarn site in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms with missile weapons, achieving direct hits.

Hezbollah has vowed to step up the intensity of its attacks on Israel after the Israeli army killed one of its senior commanders days ago.

According to an Israeli Broadcaster, the Security Cabinet will discuss the escalation of fighting in Israel’s north this evening to restore security either by diplomacy or military means, reports indicate that the US is currently scrambling behind the scenes to prevent the outbreak of all-out war between Hezbollah and Israel.

In Gaza, Today Five were killed, and 17 were wounded in Israeli attacks on two homes in the Nuseirat refugee camp while reports say Israeli forces used explosives to destroy buildings in the center of Rafah.

At least 37,232 people killed and 85,037 wounded in Israel’s war on Gaza since October 7.