Saturday 15 June 2024 - 00:01

Zelensky: US to Provide Fighter Jets to Ukraine

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Zelensky: US to Provide Fighter Jets to Ukraine
US President Joe Biden and his Ukrainian counterpart signed a 10-year security agreement at the G7 summit, pledging continued support for Ukraine by supplying weapons, training its troops, sharing intelligence and investing in the country’s defense industry.

The Ukrainian leader affirmed Washington's support for Ukraine's war efforts against Russia in a joint press-conference with Biden, emphasizing on the strong agreement between the two countries.

He claimed the deal included provisions for Ukrainian defense, specifically Patriot systems and fighter squadrons, including F-16s, which have been a long-standing goal.

During the press-conference, Biden didn't mention the F-16 deliveries. He stated that five nations have committed to supply Patriots to Ukraine.

He added “Patriot deliveries to other counties will be delayed until Ukraine's needs are met, then we can fulfill our commitments made to other countries.”

Zelensky stated that Ukraine requires seven Patriots to protect military infrastructure, defense, and power grid against Russia's missile and drone operations. Although five may be obtained, it won't happen immediately, adding that he expects good results in the near future.

The US approved F-16 fighter jets for Ukraine a year ago, but delays persisted due to pilot training issues and lack of airfields in Ukraine, according to western media.