Sunday 16 June 2024 - 09:24

Multiple Injuries Reported As Israeli Forces Bomb Gaza Strip

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Multiple Injuries Reported As Israeli Forces Bomb Gaza Strip
An Israeli bomb struck a home in the Tal as-Sultan neighborhood of Rafah City, while a “violent raid” was launched on a house in Shuhada Shati Square in the Shati refugee camp, west of Gaza City.

The Israeli military has also “blown up” several residential buildings in the town of al-Mughraqa, north of the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza.

No deaths have been reported from these attacks yet, but updates are expected as the situation develops. The area targeted is Tal as-Sultan, in the western parts of Rafah, which hosts hundreds of thousands of displaced families.

This area is near al-Mawasi in Rafah, a shelter for many people.

No ambulances, healthcare workers, or journalists could reach the area due to Israeli forces targeting anyone who approached.

Residents of Khan Younis reported hearing explosions and seeing black smoke.

Airstrikes have intensified in the location of a recent incident where at least eight Israeli soldiers were killed in an ambush by Palestinian resistance fighters. The Israeli military has named five more of the eight soldiers killed by Hamas resistance fighters in a Saturday attack on a military vehicle in Rafah.

Two of the slain soldiers were 21 years old, two were 20 years old, and one was 19 years old. The five were all sergeants in the Combat Engineering Corps’ 601st Battalion.

A 23-year-old deputy company commander killed in the Rafah attack was named yesterday. The names of the final two Israeli soldiers killed in the Hamas ambush will be released later today.

Since October 7, Israel's war on Gaza has killed at least 37,296 people and injured 85,197 others.