Tuesday 18 June 2024 - 02:10

Neighborhoods in Eastern Rafah Completely Destroyed Amid Ongoing Israeli Attacks

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Neighborhoods in Eastern Rafah Completely Destroyed Amid Ongoing Israeli Attacks
Overnight assaults spanned from Beit Hanoon in the north to Rafah in the south, with heavy artillery barrages intensifying along the eastern border. Central and eastern parts of Rafah bore the brunt, as Israeli forces systematically demolished homes near the Philadelphi Corridor, leaving no structures or agricultural land untouched.

Simultaneously, heavy artillery strikes targeted central Gaza, including Bureij and Maghazi refugee camps, and Deir el-Balah city's southeastern area. These relentless attacks are exacerbating conditions, threatening to render Gaza uninhabitable.

The Palestinian Civil Defence in Gaza confirmed recovering two bodies from Tal as-Sultan neighborhood, where Israeli bombing claimed lives. Reports from Wafa news agency detailed airstrikes near the Emirati field hospital in central Gaza. Ambulances, attempting to aid victims in Tal as-Sultan, were also reportedly targeted in the ongoing violence, further impacting displaced families seeking refuge.

Meanwhile, an Associated Press investigation highlighted the profound human toll, documenting instances where entire families in Gaza lost multiple members to Israeli airstrikes. Instances include the Abu Al-Qumsan family, with 19 members killed in Jabalia refugee camp, and the Mughrabi family, who lost over 70 members in a single December airstrike. The Abu Naja family and the Doghmush clan also suffered heavy losses as more than 100 members were killed, underscoring the widespread devastation.

Since October 7, the Israel’s genocidal military campaign has killed over 37,337 Palestinians and injured nearly 85,299 others, reflecting the staggering human cost of in Gaza.