Thursday 20 June 2024 - 02:17

“Israel” Laments: Hezbollah’s Documentation A Clear Sign of What Lies Ahead

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“Israel” Laments: Hezbollah’s Documentation A Clear Sign of What Lies Ahead
Limor further cautioned that Hezbollah’s drone footage resembles a warning of potential outcomes if the escalation in the north continues.

He added that Hezbollah uses drones for surveillance in “Israel”, as last week's sirens in Haifa Bay were caused by a drone that was not intended to attack but to photograph, and it was not shot down.

According to him, the gathering of intelligence is essential for Hezbollah's attacks, as it helps them gather information on security bases, installations and real-time concentrations of “Israeli” forces.

The other part is utilized for strategic purposes, such as potential damage to “Israel” due to an operation on a naval vessel or sensitive security facility.

Limor emphasized “Israel” is obliged to undertake several parallel efforts: distribute mobile assets and avoid creating easy targets, distribute air defense formations to protect themselves and strategic assets and finally prepare a concentrated offensive to "rob" Hezbollah of its capabilities.

He concluded ‘Israel’ has prepared for years, and a pre-emptive attack could potentially strip Hezbollah of assets and trigger a major battle, while delaying this could delay could grant Hezbollah readiness and tactical advantage.